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кто получал такое письмо после участия в этом турнире??кто в призы вошел?? Dear Sir/Madam CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just won a cash prize in one of our Freerolls.
In order for us to process the payment to your Betfair account, it is necessary for us to confirm your age.
In order to verify your age, please send us a copy of one document from the list below:
Personal Identification – a copy of one photo ID from the following list:
• Passport (full front photo page, including algorithm at the bottom)
• Driving License (full card)
• National Identification Card (photographic ID required)
• Citizenship Certificate
The copies of the documents have to be sent to [email protected]. The sooner we receive the document, the sooner you will be able to enjoy the cash prize you’ve just won.
Please remember to inform us of your Username and good luck for your future tournaments!
• Do not send original documents, but rather copies of these documents.
• The documents must be clear and legible. NB: please DO NOT include your password in any correspondence.
• Send documents that state your residential address. Regrettably, documents addressed to a P.O. Box number are unacceptable for validation.
• Please send scans in JPEG, PDF or GIF file formats only with a maximum size of 10MB per page.
In order to confirm that this request and this security procedure is genuine, please feel free to call the Betfair Helpdesk.
Your details can be sent to us by one of the following methods:
The Document Uploader is a tool you can use to send us your KYC documents. Simply go to My Account and follow the instructions.
This verification method is subject to our strict integrity and security standards.
там,как я понял просят выслать какой-то документ,а какой лучше?
Александр, Февраль 12, 2009 - 18:54.
Всезнающий и всемогущий админ сайта
Паспорт - страницу с фотографией и страницу регистрации. Обычно просят счет за комунальные услуги для подтверждения адреса, но тут вроде бы можно просто страницу с пропиской.

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